Module 1
Intro to Street Theatre

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Module 1 is about analyzing street theatre shows and using this knowledge practically in order to develop your own show. We learn how different types of acts work in different spaces. How successful performers manage and interact with their audience and how they get paid.

We look at your props, costumes and music and how small changes can have a big impact on your show.

When you finish this module, you will know exactly where your show fits in the street theatre scene. You will know how to adapt your act to different performing situations. You will have tools and understanding to quickly adapt the look and feel of your show.

Included in this module

 How to watch a street show – We look at street theatre through three very important lenses: Audience management, space management and money management.

Forms of Street Theatre- We examine the different forms of street theatre including walkabout, spot shows, walkby, circle acts, installations, large scale acts and online shows.

After setting up the groundwork in the first section we move onto the “Look and Feel” of your street show. This includes:

Props in street theatre – We examine the different types of props used in street theatre and the effects these have on the audience.

Costumes in the Street – We check out all the different Looks. From “The Gentleman Juggler” to “Mad Max” and how these looks change not just your show but how you are perceived by your audience.

Music – Metallica to Mozart – Choosing the right music for your show can be really hard. We help you methodically find music to fit each moment. And a few tips on how to control it in your show.

Look and Feel of your Show – We put together the concepts learnt from our costumes, props and music videos to examine the “Look and Feel” of YOUR street show.

Guest interviews:  Amelia Cadwallader and Tom Greder both offer insightful interviews about how to carve out a career in street theatre.

Bine Dives Deep – A section for the street theatre nerds among you. 

Plus a few surprises!!!

Self Analysis and Homework

At the end of each video, you will be presented with homework including show analysis tasks. Each task is created to help you make your show better so we recommend that you don’t just scrub through the videos. The deeper you dive into the homework the more you will get out of this course.  Don’t rush!

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