Street Theatre Masterclass

Not working so much this summer? Work on your show instead.

The Show Salon is really proud to bring you what we believe to be the world’s first Street Theatre Masterclass – ONLINE.  Starting this summer 2020.

Why learn street skills online?

Our two week STREET THEATRE MASTERCLASS has been a huge success. Now we have translated the content to an online format which makes our knowledge even more accessible for performers around the globe

What to expect

We provide you with an easy and enjoyable learning environment which includes numerous videos, photos, guest speakers and interviews with the most talented and successful street performers from all around the world.

Becoming a great Street Performer is not easy but you don’t have to do it alone.


Main Course

1.     Intro to street theatre

2.     Creating kick arse routines 

3.     Building that crowd    

4.     Baking a street show   

5.     Who the hell are you? 

6.     Selling your act 




·      Interactions in the street

·      Space Management

·      How to get big hats!

·      Tech stuff for dummies

·      Volunteers – the heroes

·      History – Where do we come from?

Guest Interviews

  • Abi Collins
  • Al Millar (Alakazam)
  • Amelia Cadwallader
  • Brant Mathews (Fireguy)
  • Clarke McFarlane (Mario Queen of the Circus)
  • David Aiken (Checkerboard Guy)
  • David Berga
  • Fraser Hooper
  • Ian Deadly
  • Juan Gomez (The Atari Show)
  • Kud Ljud
  • Lisa Lottie
  • Pedro Tochas
  • Pina Polar
  • Sara Twister
  • Shiva Grings
  • This Maag
  • Tom Greder
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