Marcus Halbig

“My dad used to say “There is money lying on the street, all you have to do is bend over and pick it up”. This saying has pushed me to work and discover and learn as much as I can about the world and about myself."
Marcus Halbig
Marcus Headshot

Marcus Halbig

"Hi, hello and welcome to my show!“

This is how I started my street performance show for many many years in many many countries in front of many many people.

I wonder how many people have seen my show?

At least a squillion I bet.

From Europe to India, to Australia to Asia – I hit about every continent (except South America). Partied with some pretty crazy people, had hats so huge it almost made me cry, had hats so small I did cry, came to festivals with no cash and left with my pockets stuffed, met people from all walks of life (even performed for and met the Dali Lama). Basically, I had a grand old time.

This is the stuff that will be on my tomb stone.


  • 2012: I produced a tutorial „Juggling for Beginners“ which I sold on DVD after my show. OMG, people bought it! Awesome!
  • 2013: I started selling my DVD online. OMG, people bought it! Awesome!
  • 2014: I created a juggling set to sell online with 3 balls, 3 scarves and my DVD – all in a lovely tin can. I modestly named this set: „The Ultimate Juggling Set“.

Now, 30 years after picking up a juggling ball for the first time, I have co-written 2 children’s books, produced and directed 7 children’s Theater pieces, written my autobiography (even got it published), performed Brecht and Shakespeare on stage, produced a TV documentary for Austrian National TV and have 29 different juggling products selling worldwide.

My life is now; 
More home and family, less traveling the world. More computer, less performing, which is fine. I am getting old.

Thank you street, thank you fellow performers, thank you audience and thank you life for teaching me all that I have learned and experienced.

I feel a “Frank Sinatra Song” coming on.. And now, the time is near……

Why choose Marcus as your Coach

More and more colleagues have asked me to watch their shows and help them with it. I guess it is the beard now – makes me look knowledgable.
Actually, I always go by my gut feeling. Shows have to “feel right” and if they don’t, find what works. Each show and each performer are different so as a director, I need to listen and feel empathy with each performer.
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