Directing and Coaching

Julian has a great way of teasing the best out of you without forcing his own ideas onto you. He has a good and very experienced eye in directing, it was productive and honest! Thank you!" - Rita Buqu (Germany)
Rita Buqu
Street Performer

In the performing arts it’s common if not essential to have a director. The days of trial and error are over and we believe it’s time for street performers to take full advantage of an outside eye during the creation process.

Face to Face

Director can speed up the creation process and condense years of trial and error into a week or two of focused work. A director takes your ideas and help you craft them into a polished show.

Online Coaching

Online Coaching can be a great and affordable way to develop your show, your marketing material and to find your feet in this fascinating and complex industry.

A Coach can help get you organised, give you realistic feedback and accompany you through the steps of establishing yourself in the industry. From show-creation to show-marketing and everything in between, they can help you make a “plan of attack” and support you when you struggle.

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