Sabine Maringer MA

Bine is an all-round artist, who holds a Master of Arts in “Performing public space”. An educated cultural manager and drama teacher she has specialised in theatre in public spaces since 2004. Beside producing street theatre performances for special audiences in Vienna, she runs the contemporary circus festival- The KASKADE, and has been further researching theatre in public spaces. Belle Etage her successful street theatre company has toured all over the northern hemisphere since 2010.

In her leisure time she loves to be in the nature and working on her DIY projects of all kinds

Why choose Bine as your Coach

As an educated drama teacher, I have a lot of experience in solving and searching for theatrical and dramaturgical problems and solutions. I offer an endless spectrum of exercises, techniques and tools to develop your theatrical skills in performing as well the next steps of producing and selling your art.

Through my work as both curator and jury member of awards and festivals I have sharpened my artistic eye and senses. I am more than keen to share my knowledge with you.

My motto is: “Make it work”!

So, let’s start to make it happen!


  • Structure your marketing strategy
  • Analyse your USP
  • Spice up your applications
  • Work and analyse your visual CV
  • Get new marketing ideas
  • Finding your niche

Walk About Acts

  • Analyze your current work
  • Creative inputs to bring your walk about to the next level
  • Creating your new act together and finding the right market for it
  • Out side eye and feedback

Street Theater

  • Structure your creative working process
  • Outside eye and feedback
  • Theatrical and dramaturgical solutions
  • Ideas for an elaborate artistic research
  • Design Thinking in Street theater
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