Street theatre school

There are hundreds of circus and theatre schools in the world but only one School of Street Theatre.

Welcome to the Show Salon.

Whether you are new to performing or an old hand, the Show Salon is designed to be a go-to-hub for people who want to create better shows and become better performers. A place to find inspiration, advice or support. A place for workshops and masterclasses. A place to go when you need a director.

We believe in the sharing of ideas and experience. We believe in creating great street theatre. And helping others do the same. We believe that it’s time for an open approach to street theatre. That it’s about time that the knowledge of street theatre is not just shared on the back of the pitch but also in rehearsal spaces, lecture theatres and more for the benefit of everyone. Let’s move with the times.

We are a bunch of experienced performers who have been through the challenges of developing shows and careers in the performing arts.  We are sharing our experience through the Street Theatre Masterclass, our Seminars, through online coaching and face-to-face directing.


Dive deep into street theatre with our Masterclass or strengthen your skills with a Seminar.


Meet an experienced director or coach and take your show to the next level.

online Masterclass

Coming summer 2020. All the content of our Street Theatre Masterclass - ONLINE

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